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Danish Easter

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IMG_1633 (2)

Spent Easter in Denmark. It’s such a lovely country. The people are kind, there’s so much good food and I the scenery is beautiful. I always love visiting Denmark, even if it’s just over a weekend like this time. It’s just so relaxing.

In the picture you see the big dome in Roskilde. I didn’t go inside this time, but I have done before and it’s a real beauty. The architecture of it is pretty impressive.

There’s also this big outlet street in Roskilde with a bunch of different stores. Like, Hunkemöller, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Puma etc. I bought myself a pair of black skinny jeans.

Visited the Viking museum – if you’re interested in history I recommend checking it out – and, of course, had some ice cream with strawberry guf. You can not go to Denmark without trying guf on your ice cream. It’s amazing. It kind of reminds me a bit of marshmallow fluff.

If you want to visit Denmark and it’s your first time I do not recommend going during Easter though. There’s almost nothing opened during the holiday. So if you want to shop I recommend going a little closer to summer. That way it’ll be warmer, too, and you can hang out on the lovely beaches.


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