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So much bad language! Fucking awesome!

Seriously, I went to the cinemas yesterday evening to finally watch the movie and it was just so rad. I admit that I was a little afraid it would be overrated. There’s been so much talk about it going around. Even if you try you can’t really help but get high expectations and I’m happy to say the whole movie lived up to mine.

As a girl I notice people sometimes try to keep the jokes slightly cleaner and almost tip toes around certain subjects as to avoid offending me. Well, I’m not offended. And I can absolutely do dirty jokes. So the dialogue and the not so discrete sexual puns had me laughing through pretty much the entire movie. Everything was delivered on point.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is like a match made in Heaven. Or in Hell, depending on how you view it, I guess. Only problem is I will never be able to see him as anything else now. He is Deadpool to me. I’ll just be confused as to when Deadpool became an actor in Hollywood.

Colossus opening his mouth and sounding like a russian caught me off guard.

A big thanks to my dad for making me listen to so much different music while growing up. I love when I actually get all the music references in a movie, no matter what era it’s from.

Also, to all the guys out there. You should learn a little something from Mr. Pool. There’s a big difference between being sexy in a funny way as to just being disgusting.


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