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Greetings, fellow humans and other creatures!

My first blog post. What do you actually write in it? Some really smart joke to catch everyone’s attention? Even though no one probably even knows your blog exists yet…

I started a book blog back in 2008. In Swedish (yes, I’m from Sweden.) But over time I found I had lost the fun in reading and it had turned into something forced just because I had to review books for my blog. So I stopped reading. And I stopped blogging, as well. Since then a lot has happened. I’ve grown up a bit, both age-wise but also as a person in whole. Somewhere along the road I apparently also fell for the English language.

Anyway, this is me taking on blogging once more. Hopefully I can hold onto the fun part of it this time around and just enjoy it. This won’t be just a book blog. It will be my blog.