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First frost


The crispy season with all it’s cold fluffiness and hot beverages has begun!

I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and running outside to take some pictures. It’s so beautiful when the frost covers everything and the sun is shining through the misty clouds. One example, as you see above, which I love is when the spiderwebs are covered completely in white.


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Danish Easter

IMG_1633 (2)

Spent Easter in Denmark. It’s such a lovely country. The people are kind, there’s so much good food and I the scenery is beautiful. I always love visiting Denmark, even if it’s just over a weekend like this time. It’s just so relaxing.

In the picture you see the big dome in Roskilde. I didn’t go inside this time, but I have done before and it’s a real beauty. The architecture of it is pretty impressive.

There’s also this big outlet street in Roskilde with a bunch of different stores. Like, Hunkemöller, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Puma etc. I bought myself a pair of black skinny jeans.

Visited the Viking museum – if you’re interested in history I recommend checking it out – and, of course, had some ice cream with strawberry guf. You can not go to Denmark without trying guf on your ice cream. It’s amazing. It kind of reminds me a bit of marshmallow fluff.

If you want to visit Denmark and it’s your first time I do not recommend going during Easter though. There’s almost nothing opened during the holiday. So if you want to shop I recommend going a little closer to summer. That way it’ll be warmer, too, and you can hang out on the lovely beaches.

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New jewelry

Bild 015

Sorry about the crappy quality. The light sucked and I honestly didn’t feel like doing anything about it.

I went to a jewelry outlet today with my mom and got me some new lovely bijoux. The ones you see above are all in steel/sterling silver. Actually, the handcuffs originally hung on the chain but the jewelry designer made them into earrings for me instead. So they’re one of a kind.

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My Little Bunny

Bild 005

This little guy is Miku. My bunny. He doesn’t look too amused being photographed here but believe me, he’s such a photo-hog. You have no idea how many photos I’ve taken – or, tried to take – where there’s a little furry nose poking the lens. Then of course, when you actually want to take a photo of him, he won’t sit still for more than a second.